30 Things I want to build in 2020

A comprehensive list of projects I want to build this year

May 8, 2020


We’re almost halfway through this “year” and I think this is the right time to publish a post about the stuff that I want to build in 2020. No time like the present right?

So here’s the list. This does not include the projects that I’m already in the middle of:

  1. Simple HTTP request using TCP sockets
  2. Coronavirus map
  3. Conway’s game of life
  4. Get hacker news into JSON
  5. BASIC Compiler
  6. Census Data API
  7. FTP Client
  8. Port Scanner
  9. Prime Number Searcher
  10. MD5 Implementation
  11. MySQL to MongoDB Data migration tool
  12. Database backup script
  13. CLI Chat using sockets
  14. GIF Maker
  15. YouTube downloader
  16. Telegram Chat Bot
  17. Mobile App that broadcasts bluetooth signal
  18. Country to IP API
  19. SQL Query optimizer
  20. Latitude & Longitude to Geohash Converter
  21. Dijkstra’s maze solver
  22. Website with sound boards
  23. Graphing library for JS
  24. Web Crawler
  25. Twitter Bot that tweets AI content
  26. HTML Prettifier
  27. Markdown Notes app
  28. Use WebRTC to make a video chat app

Pretty basic list but I think I could learn a lot by attempting to build these things. I’ll probably use a mix of TypeScript, Rust and Clojure (maybe I’ll learn Kotlin or Elixir as well) to make most of them.

I’m sure this will be a fun experience.

P.S: I know there’s only 28 items on the list. I am not good at math.